NEMs Vibrational Art

NEM drawings are vibrant and joyful expressions of light. The longer you look, the more you see and feel. The flow of shapes and colours draws your eye along with your heart into dimensions of endless possibilities.

What is a NEM?

A drawing. A feeling. A unique expression in colour and energy that is tuned to a specific frequency in three dimensions - feeling, time and space. 

You are One of a Kind

You are one of a kind. Your NEM reflects your true self in pure colour, flow and light. Gift yourself or someone you love with a "one of a kind treasure".

I work with you to identify the wavelength that resonates for you. That frequency reveals the harmonies in colour. I draw it all in the Key of Love. 

Find out more about how to get your own Original NEM.


"I was gifted with an original NEM for a recent birthday. It sits on my desk, where I see it every day.

It inspires me to be all that I am. Truly a one of a kind treasure."

 ~ G. Osier Bedsaul, Las Vegas, NV, USA

" Nancy's art and creation is both fun and magical.  It is playful yet profound, and it connects me to the wonderland of colours and creativity. "

   ~ T. Phonsavath, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Out of the Void